Sunny Wang


'In working with various techniques, I enter into a conversation with the object. The work of art begins to speak to me, telling me when to do more and when to step away.’ 

Dr Sunny Wang is widely considered a leading glass artist in Asia. She plays with the unique materiality of glass in a contemporary art practice to explore abstract themes such as Buddhist philosophy, Chinese calligraphy and the relationship between Men and Nature. In recent years, she has extended her visual exploration of such themes to new materials such as wood and textile. Dr Wang  has explored the creative potential of numerous techniques - blowing, casting, fusing, slumping and various cold-working methods, and also invents the technique of solid glass calligraphy. “Hot writing” depicts the gestural process of Chinese calligraphy, seized in a moment of molten glass making to transform liquid strokes and brushes into solid glass calligraphy.

She was awarded a MVA at Australian National University in 2001, and received her PhD (Visual Arts–Glass) at the University of South Australia in 2012.  She has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world and her works are represented in prominent public and private collections in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, Japan, Germany, UK, USA, and elsewhere. Dr Wang has received numerous awards recognition including the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award, Golden Glass Award in Taiwan, and at the International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan. Dr. Wang is the founder of the Glass Studio at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2007 and has served as an Assistant Professor at the Academy since 2012.