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Sketching Saturday

#3 | 10.07.2021

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TheBookshop is delighted to bring you another fun and inspiring Sketching Saturday this summer on last 10 July 2021. It was a glorious day with the bright sun, intensely blue sky and white puffy clouds. Participants found their own shaded spots to enjoy the watercolour workshop led by Charis Tam, using high quality watercolour paint from Winsor & Newton and double-300gsm watercolour papers from L'oeil Art included in the watercolour gift set. A watercolour brush and a couple of pencils are also included along with a clipboard. 

Charis Tam


Charis Tam 譚慧兒


Charis Tam is a self-taught artist and an avid urban sketcher. Her primary focus is landscapes, various subjects and nature in the city. Charis will also share her painting experience and how she experiments on different media combination.

自學畫家丶城市速寫人。譚慧兒 熱愛作畫,喜歡畫風景及城中的自然景觀,更糅合不同繪畫媒體。本星期六譚慧兒亦會分享自己的畫畫心得。

watercolour gift set

Included in the watercolour gift set:

  • W&N Cotman Watercolour Sketcher’ Pocket Box set with brush

  • W&N Cotman Watercolour Sampler Set with gom arabica medium

  • W&N Double-tip Watercolour Brush Marker (Red)

  • L’oeil Double-300 gsm A4-size watercolour papers

  • L’oeil Double-300 gsm postcard-size watercolour papers

  • L’oeil H and 3H graphite drawing pencils

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