Since he graduated from the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1990, Simon Go has been an active artist, dedicated to documentary and fine-art photography. In his work, Go has brought an acute sensibility to his examination of poverty and social action issues in Hong Kong. He has produced a number of highly regarded photo documentary exhibitions including “People with no money” (1997) and “Home and Homeless” (2004).


Go’s penetrating eye on social issues is combined with a sentimental indulgence in collecting and local culture. Through oral history, photos and research, he has published Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging (Chinese edition) (2001), Hong Kong Old Shops and Memories Forever (2011).


Simon Go’s photographs are collected by various private galleries and collectors as well as the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Simon Go has served as an investigative photo reporter/editor for various Hong Kong newspapers. Two works from the series of Hong Kong Old Shops were offered at auction in Sotheby’s Hong Kong 2009 Fall Auction.


In 2009, Simon’s devotion to Hong Kong traditions and local culture lead him to set up HULU Culture Limited, a Hong Kong non-profit and cultural organization. The organization aims to protect traditional cultural heritage and nurture the humanistic spirit. Simon has also curated numerous exhibitions over the years, based on the different districts and aspects of Hong Kong.