Wild in the Jungle, a 500-piece word search and jigsaw puzzle

This art puzzle is a collage of lettering composed from Hong Kong’s celebrated iconic neon signs photographed by William Furniss, a Hong Kong-based artist who has collected these images over the last few decades. What makes this so special is that many of these signs no longer exist.

Using this neon alphabet, William has created a jungle of neon letters in the form of a puzzle to represent the city of Hong Kong. Intermixed within this organic matrix of letters, William has hidden the names of 42 different wild animals to illustrate Hong Kong’s stunningly beautiful natural environment. Finally his artwork has been cut into a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. William was inspired by the close affinity that exists between the city and nature, a relationship unique to Hong Kong, and one that is brought to life through this inventive brain-teaser.

Can you solve the jigsaw puzzle and then find the animals? This fun and rewarding artwork puzzle is 24x18 inches in size and takes one person around five hours to complete.





這拼圖有着許多霓虹字母,就是一幅藝術拼貼,由留駐香港的藝術家William Furniss,於自己過去數十年在這城巿拍下的經典霓虹招牌照片中取材創作。格外有意思的,是這些招牌不少已不存在了。




Wild in the Jungle, a 500-piece word search and jigsaw puzzle