The Radiant Ming 1368-1644 through the Min Chiu Society Collection

日昇月騰 : 從敏求精舍藏品看明代


Published in the event of the 2016 exhibition under the same title.

During the reign of the Ming, China was one of the world’s largest states and it had a thriving economy to match. The show is separated into five sections with each helping to demonstrate how the country reached a new peak of cultural development and experienced a sensational flourishing of the arts. Included in the exhibition are Ming-Style Furniture; Introduction to the Reigns of the Ming Dynasty; Economy and Foreign Relations of the Ming Dynasty; Art, Culture and Material Civilisations of the Ming Dynasty; and Religion and Faith of the Ming Dynasty.

Step into the settings of a typical Ming house, and marvel at the elegant designs and handicraft of cabinets, tables and armchairs made of huanghuali and zitan wood. You can even try your hands at assembling Ming-style furniture, which was ingeniously fashioned for construction without the need for nails.

Arts and crafts in the Ming Dynasty embraced both native tradition and foreign influences. Decorative arts like porcelain, jewellery, metal crafting and lacquer carving acquired new stylistic and technical inspirations from neighbouring Asian countries, evidenced in a brilliant set of gem-encrusted gilt silver wine cups, ewer and tray. Learn how to differentiate the Ming emperors who ruled China through various styles of blue and white vases, all gorgeous and unique. Calligraphy and painting was seen as almost inseparable – to be a good painter one had to excel in calligraphy and examples by the ‘Four Literary Masters of the Wuzhong Region’ are on display.

See a rare Ming printed banknote, and discover where Zheng He, the famous admiral, explored during his travels to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa and elsewhere. The era’s dominant religions – Daoism, Buddhism and Islam – feature, too. Tibetan Buddhism in particular drew the interest of Emperor Yongle, evidenced by exhibited objects such as the delicate monk’s cap ewer in tianbai glaze.
Rarely does an exhibition of such scale and in-depth research take place in Hong Kong. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the sumptuous style and taste of the royalty and literati of the Ming Dynasty, one of the greatest periods of world history.



The Radiant Ming 1368-1644 through the Min Chiu Society Collection