Stitched Origami Butterfly #08 one-of-a-kind brooch by Lie Fhung

This one-of-a-kind stitched origami butterfly is conceived and handmade by Hong Kong based Indonesian artist Lie Fhung, exclusively for TheBookshop. The motif was individually created through stitching one by one, so each butterfly is unique.

Wear them as brooches to adorn your clothing, hat, scarf, bags. Use them to inject some unique whimsy charm around your space - on your curtains, amongst your house plants and things… anywhere your imagination takes you!


About the maker


Lie Fhung is a multi-talented artist. Studied fine arts at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, majoring in Ceramics,  Fhung worked as a designer in Shanghai before eventually settled in Hong Kong, where she began to work independently in digital media design and continues to make art. Her inquisitive nature takes her to adventurous creative explorations working with porcelain, copper, canvas, paint, fabric and digital media, investigating hidden realms in human psyche, and in nature itself.

Fhung has received numerous national and international awards for her artworks since childhood. She participated in national and international art exhibitions, recognised for the delicate tactile sensibility that infuses much of her work. In 2008, she received Freeman Fellowship Award Vermont Studio Center, USA. Her work ‘flight’ (2005) is featured in the book ‘Contemporary Ceramics’ by Emmanuel Cooper (Thames & Hudson, 2009) and in the permanent collection of World Ceramics Foundation in South Korea. She has been showing her works in Hong Kong at Sin Sin Fine Art since 2012, and more recently at Hanart TZ Gallery. In 2015, she was awarded Silver Prize by UOB Art Academy Hong Kong. Her very-well received solo exhibition was held at Dia.lo.gue art space, Jakarta in 2017.  

Stitched Origami Butterfly #08 one-of-a-kind brooch by Lie Fhung