ON MISTY MOUNTAIN - Lu Yu and the Book of Tea

Limited copies signed by both Jacqueline Li & Peter Suart


On Misty Mountain: Lu Yu and the Book of Tea
Translations by Jacqueline Li
Pictures and design by Peter Suart


When it tastes mellow sweet, it is jia (檟),
When it is bitter but not sweet, it is chuan (荈),
When it begins bitter, with a mellow sweet aftertaste, it is cha (茶).


Cha Jing (茶經), the Book of Tea, is the first monograph on tea. It was written by Lu Yu (陸羽) in the classical Chinese language of the Tang dynasty (618—907), a period widely deemed the height of Chinese cosmopolitan culture. Jacqueline Li interprets this influential text with a new translation, tangential links and a selection of Tang tea poems. Peter Suart’s ink pictures draw from the literati tradition of Chinese art.


Jacqueline Li studied Fine Arts and Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong and Translation Studies at the University of Bristol. She works as a translator.


Peter Suart writes, illustrates and designs books, and is a musician and a theatrical performer.



ON MISTY MOUNTAIN - Lu Yu and the Book of Tea