NORTH [Tik and Tok Adventures #7]

Written & Illustrated by Peter Suart


To escape the unwelcome attentions of the world’s media, Tik and Tok flee into the empty wastes of the north, where cold and lonely winds howl over frozen seas. But they’re not alone up there: the virgin snow is criss-crossed by other travellers with secret purposes. And who can say which of them may be trusted? Bewitched by the glittering needle of their compass, Tik and Tok push ever deeper into the arctic fastness, towards a distant and awesome mystery: the Place With No North.


This is the seventh book in the Tik and Tok adventure series.


WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK? For children aged 8 and above. For adults who love illustrated and fantasy literature.


NORTH [Tik and Tok Adventures #7]