The boy Tik has become a young man, and both he and the dog have forgotten their names. Ten years after leaving the whaler’s house in North, they find themselves in 1870s America, in a snowy wilderness peopled by desperadoes and citizens as harsh as the land in which they try to hack out a living. Sought by the Law for crimes they didn’t commit, our young man and his dog duck and dive, befriending a Chinese railway worker and all the while trying to find out why they can’t remember anything of the last ten years.


Lacuna is the first book in the Dog With No Name series.

Text and pictures by Peter Suart, design by Suart and Van.


Tik長大成人、長出鬍子,Tok愈來愈白﹗他們一覺醒來,發現自己身處雪國野外,失去了過去十年的記憶,連名字也忘記。那是1870年代的美國,危機四伏,亡命者眾。Tok取名Dog,Tik自稱Buck Hawkin,他們在路上一步一步尋找身份與記憶。《Lacuna》是彼得小話「Dog With No Name」全新系列的首個繪本。


LACUNA (Dog With No Name series #1) written and illustrated by Peter Suart


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