Greek and Roman Art - Susan Woodford

Part of the Art Essentials series


For more than 2,000 years the art of Greece and Rome has lain at the heart of western civilization. This book recaptures the excitement of the artists who first created it. It traces the daring innovations of those who, defying traditional wisdom, explored new ideas; it describes the valiant struggles of sculptors and painters to portray – for the first time – both the complexities of the human form and the richness of human emotions. So much has been destroyed by the ravages of time that Greek and Roman art seems to consist only of impressive ruins and broken fragments. Yet the creative achievements of the Greeks and their legacy, as adapted by the Romans, have never lost their power.

'A crisp, clear and, above all, highly enjoyable guide to Greek and Roman art, from the evolution of sculpture to the detailed techniques of vase-painting and fresco'

Natalie Haynes

Susan Woodford was born and educated in the USA (BA Harvard; MA and PhD Columbia). Since moving to London, she has taught art history and lectured at the British Museum. She has published many books and articles on Greek and Roman art and has also written "Looking at Pictures" in the Art Essentials series.


Greek and Roman Art - Susan Woodford