Falling Into A Trance - Man Fung-Yi & Mok Yat-San  出神 莫一新 / 恍惚之間 文鳳儀

This publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of Chinese artists Man Fung-Yi and Mok Yat-San of the same title held in Hong Kong Art Centre in Hong Kong in April 2014.

The two artists are husband and wife. Man Fung-Yi is famous of making use of 3-dimensional steel and brass pieces to assert herself into the conventionally male-dominated discipline of sculpture. Her concepts, means of expression and formal choices all work together to harmonise oriental traditions and concepts. On the other hand, Mok Yat-San reaches a harmonious marriage between modern, industrial and western materials with the motifs of historical Chinese landscape painting. His mountains and waters represented in solid steel deliver no less sense of sublime in Chinese scroll paintings, opening a dialogue between past, present and future, western and eastern cultures, and nature, art and man.

Unlike the common form of cooperation on public art, Man Fung-Yi and Mok Yat-San hold this exhibition based on the same theme. Man Fung-Yi displays her recent works, which are fabrics and shoes made of copper, stainless steel, cotton, whereas Mok Yat-San showcases his landscape paintings and installation.



Falling Into A Trance - Man Fung-Yi & Mok Yat-San 出神 莫一新 / 恍惚之間 文鳳儀