Essential Terms of Chinese Paintings - Maria Cheng, Tang Wai Hung, Eric Choy

Essential Terms of Chinese Painting provides a comprehensive coverage of the broad spectrum of Chinese painting. Through an array of some 900 terms, it exhibits the history of Chinese culture, as interpreted by artists and portrayed in their work. In masterful detail, it describes not only the artistic implements and drawing styles, but also how these are influenced by changing cultural considerations over time such as religion, philosophy, intellectual ideas, and political developments. From the broad view of how the change of dynasties affected painting trends in both format and subject, to the smallest detail of the methods used to paint different styles of tree branches, this is a full compendium of the scope and depth of artwork from China.

This volume feature twelve chapters which explore all major areas of art including techniques, implements and materials, inscriptions and seals, painting and mounting formats for all categories including landscape, bird-and-flower, figure and auspicious paintings; provide a helpful resource for readers to enjoy Chinese art witj over 500 cull-colour illustrations and pictures to further elaborate the terms discussed; serve as an introduction to begin a true understanding of traditional Chinese painting.


Essential Terms of Chinese Paintings - Maria Cheng, Tang Wai Hung, Eric Choy


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