‘My friends all have a French father… I have an English Daddy who always speaks differently.’ (Mes copains ont tous un papa… Moi, j’ai un Daddy qui parle toujours differement.)


‘Mes amis ont tous une “mummy” anglaise… moi, j’ai une Maman qui n’arr?te pas de dire des mots differents.’ (My friends all have a mummy… I have a Maman who keeps talking with different words.)


This little boy doesn’t have a French Papa like all his school friends… but a Daddy. He is a bit the same but different however. The little boy wants to be like all his friends; he wants things to have one name in one language, he wants to be called a ‘petit coeur’ and not a sweetie pie. But… do all his friends have a ‘papa’?


Es-tu mon Papa? has a twin story; Are you my Mummy? who reads stories with funny dots on the “e” and turns eggs into omelettes, but in the end, isn't bread and jam better than kedgeree?


For families with children aged 4 – 7 who are raised in a bilingual household.



ES-TU MON PAPA? / ARE YOU MY MUMMY? written by and illustrated by Sophie Paine


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