translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman


33 bilingual poems of Hong Kong. Intersections of pop culture, high art, politics, relationships, and literary and feminist theory. Originally written in Chinese by poet and cultural critic Lok Fung (Natalia Chan); translated into English by Eleanor Goodman.


This book, together with Xi Xi’s Not Written Words and Liu Wai Tong’s Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits, are the first publications in the Hong Kong Atlas series. Hong Kong Atlas is an important first step in expanding the English-language canon with a range of Hong Kong voices. By drawing on literature, translation and creative culture as a way of remapping a global city, the Atlas project offers alternative histories to Hong Kong through its own literature.


香港詩人洛楓33首雙語詩歌,在流行文化、精緻藝術、政治、人際關係、文學理論和女性主義之中看見香港。詩歌原文為中文,由Eleanor Goodman翻譯成英文。此書是香港文學英譯系列中的其一出版書籍,為首批以文學翻譯在國際文化地圖上記下香港足跡的著作。系列其他著作包括西西詩集《不是文字》和廖偉棠詩集《和幽靈一起的香港漫遊》。



DAYS WHEN I HIDE MY CORPSE IN A CARDBOARD BOX 自我紙盒藏屍的日子 poems by Lok Fung 洛楓


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