COLLECTIVE SPACE, Joshua Jiehong Jiang

Collective Space explores the concept of collective space in China where people in the old days are used to growing up in ‘collective space’ — city/town/village squares, assembly halls or temples for public gathering or mass assemblies, be it for religious, political or social reasons. The mass assembly at Tiananmen Square in 1966 is, without doubt, among one of the largest in scale. With the rapid change in China's economy, the prevalent change of architectural space and lifestyles in China also presents a new visual environment — the emergence of public housing versus private residential building, the use of public bath houses versus private bathrooms, the use of public transport versus private cars. Despite differences in the nature of collective activities, the notion and practice of ‘collective space’ remains very much the same in China. The discussion of ‘collective space’ makes references to art works by 9 Chinese artists – Bai Yiluo, Hai Bo, Ma Yunfei, Shao Yinong and Mu Chen, Wang Shilong, Wang Tong, Xiang Xin and Huang Mingzhan, Zhuang Hui.



COLLECTIVE SPACE, Joshua Jiehong Jiang


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