Chan Yuk Keung - Nerve: Works 86-03   陳育強作品 1986-2003

《神經》 一書則是記錄有關陳育強在1986-2003年其個人作品, 在一頁一頁的作品展示中, 還穿插著他的創作心得及理念, 從視覺觀察到文字書寫, 都是要刺激讀者的神經。



陳氏是一位藝術家,同時是一位教育工作者, 他的研究興趣範國涵蓋多項領域, 包括香港藝術、混合媒介及公共藝術, 而成果則多以展覽、策展及出版發表。



"Nerve" is a record of Kurt Chan's personal works from 1986 to 2003. The page-by-page display of his works, is interspersed with his creative experience and ideas. From visual observation to writing, it is all to stimulate the nerves of the reader.


Educated at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Cranbrook Academy of Art (鶴溪藝術學院), Michigan, U.S.A. Professor Chan is an artist as well as an educator. His research interests cover a wide range of topics such as Hong Kong Art, Art in public realm and mixed media, whereas the outputs mostly presented as exhibition, curatorship, and publication. After retirement from his position at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Chan is now working as the Acting Head of Hong Kong Art School.




Chan Yuk Keung - Nerve: Works 86-03 陳育強作品 1986-2003