A World Within : The Art & Inspiration of Irene Chou 《萬象之根--周綠雲繪畫藝術展》

A World Within : The Art & Inspiration of Irene Chou is presented as a thematic journey, inviting the audience to venture into Irene Chou's artistic universe. Her story of profound independence as a journalist, spouse and informally trained artist in Hong Kong sets the stage for a journey of self-discovery through battles with life's fateful challenges and art's expressive power. She was remarkable for postering new possibilities in Chinese ink painting through a highly original abstract visual language, and her exploration of modern themes was informed by an interest in metaphysics, science and literature.


Irene Chou's introspective paintings provide a vulnerable tension between self-awareness and the unknown that connect with us in a shared emotional experience. Her art celebrates the power of expression to heal and the resilience of the human spirit.


We are grateful to be able to champion an underrepresented story, not only because it is told by a woman, but also because it offers a truly unique perspective of individual expression that serves to enrich the understanding of a place and the collective histories that shape it.


[excerpted from writings in the book by S. Alice Mong and Katherine Don]






A World Within : The Art & Inspiration of Irene Chou 《萬象之根--周綠雲繪畫藝術展》


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