Peter Suart


PETER SUART is the author and illustrator of the Tik and Tok books, philosophical adventures for children and adults, published by MCCM Creations in Hong Kong. The series turned into the Dog With No Name books, for adults. He has illustrated many works for the Folio Society in London, including Robertson Davies’ The Deptford Trilogy, Gogol's Collected Stories, Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita and a limited-edition Gulliver's Travels.

He is co-founder, with Kung Chi Shing, of 'the box', a theatrical music ensemble. Since 1987 they have made concerts and music theatre works, collaborating with many dancers, actors and artists. Suart has written and performed seven one-man plays (on the Holy Grail, the Holocaust, quantum mechanics, race relations in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong plague of 1894, Dürer's Melencolia, and the American Civil War) and has designed sets and narrated and acted for theatre and dance companies.

In recent years he has performed in the UK, using a hybrid form of concert, slide talk and play, the latest in 2019 being a performance based on his 2018 novel Ironball, published by Deep Water Books. Upcoming projects include a translation of Lu Yu's Book of Tea by Jacqueline Li, which he will illustrate, design and publish, and the second book in the Dog With No Name series.
 All being well, Kung will join Suart in the UK in 2020 for the performance The Myth of Wu Tao-tzu.

Peter Suart portrait © Sean Geer.