Pascal Greco

Self-taught filmmaker, cinematographer, editor and photographer, Pascal Greco produced and directed with Charles Hieronymi two medium-length documentaries between 2003 and 2006: ‘Swiss Fashion Design’, documentary about swiss fashion, and ‘Tokyo Streets’, film dedicated to the urban trends of Tokyo.

Pascal Greco as released five photographs book, ’Kyoshu, nostalgie du pays’ (Infolio), ‘Seoul Shanghai Tokyo’ (Idpure), ‘Ratrak’ (Verlhac), ‘No Cliché’ (Jane & Jeremy). His new book ‘Hong Kong - Perspectives, Prospectives, Typologies’ (Infolio & Mccm Creations) will be released in Europe in September.

He had the opportunity to showned his work in solo exhibitions in Espace abstract, Lausanne, Musée Alexis Forel, Morges, Guillaume Daeppen Galerie, Basel and in group exhibitions in La Ferme de la Chapelle, Geneva and at La Nuit des Images, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne.

In 2008, Pascal Greco directed ‘Super 8’, a poetic and psychedelic movie made with music composer Kid Chocolat. His second contemplative movie called ‘Nowhere’, with an original soundtrack composed by Goodbye Ivan, was showned in 2013. ‘Stun’, the last film who end the trilogy, also with a music by Goodbye Ivan, was presented in 2015.

At the end of 2017, Pascal Greco showed a live version of his new movie ‘Shadow’, with actress Asia Argento and her daughter Anna-Lou Castoldi, created with Philippe Pellaud. ‘Shadow’ will be released in a limited object, a vinyl with the soundtrack, with the film inside on a private streaming, in April 2019 on the label Pamela & Poor Records.