MCCM Creations

Since going into book publishing in 2001, our aspirations in books have not changed – we wish to bring to you original and inspiring books from creators who share a passion in books as well as having a strong desire to explore new concepts and visualise their experiences, stories and perception in their medium of preference - words, images, sound etc…  These adventurous spirit often take us across boundaries of categories - be it illustration, visual art, design, architecture, photography, culture, socio-culture, and literature. Diversified as they are, our titles have ‘crossover’ appeals to different age groups and interest groups.


Our titles are about the visualization of experiences, stories and perceptions through the printed word, images and sound. We live in an age where people move freely across boundaries and inhabit areas of virtual space that intertwine to create new concepts and ways of living. These cross-disciplinary realities are at the core of MCCM fusing illustration, visual art, design, architecture, photography, socio-cultural criticism and literature.