Liao Boqing


Liao Boqing was born in Zigong, Sichuan and graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (SAFA)with a master degree. She won an excellent award in the 16th Student Works Annual Exhibition of SAFA in 2012 and the Second Postgraduate Work Exhibition of SAFA in 2015 respectively. In the same year, her work was selected in the Fifth National Youth Art Exhibition, and in the 4th Guangzhou International Book Collection and Small Print Biennale 2016. Liao now lives and works in Chongqing.


Wood grows and decays on the soil. The work "Wood" collection shows the same object from different angles in different colours demonstrating the diversity of "living", and the complexity and homogeneity of "growth". The former cultivates rich and colourful lands. And, in the process of shaping the world of many different forms, they also follow the laws of nature, which confirms the complexity and homogeneity of growth. In the end, we all go to the same place.