Lee Chin Fai Danny


作品 Artwork : 高山流水 Mountain and Streams




"The literati aspect of classical Chinese ink landscape art provided shade of inspiration to me. Absorbed the spirit of the works and infused it into my own sculptures. Its profound deep touches in my soul and opens the dialogue between sculpture and the landscape."


多次委約創作公共藝術: 包括港鐵公司、香港賽馬會、香港科學園、香港大學、太古坊等等。作品為香港藝術館、香港文化博物館、香港藝術中心、香港機場管理局、香港醫院管理局、摩根大通銀行等等及私人收藏。

Invited commission works include MTR Corporation Limited, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, The University of Hong Kong, Taikoo Place, etc.

Collected works include Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, The Hong Kong Arts Centre,  Airport Authority Hong Kong,  Hong Kong Hospital Authority,  J.P.Morgan etc and private collectors.