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Larry Feign

Larry Feign, a resident of Hong Kong since 1985 and of Mui Wo since 1991, where he and his wife Hong Kong-born Cathy raised two kids, the native Californian is well-known to Hongkongers for many years for his World of Lily Wong comics. Larry's  satirical work has appeared in Time, The Economist, the New York Times, and other publications around the world. He has directed animated cartoons for Walt Disney Television and Cartoon Network. A MacDowell Fellow, he is a three-time recipient of Amnesty International Human Rights Press Awards.

The Flower Boat Girl” is Larry Feign’s first historical novel about the rise of an abducted young woman Shek Yang, forced to marry pirate captain Cheng Yat, to be the most powerful Pirate Queen in the world commanding a confederation of 1,800 ships and 80,000 pirates (Blackbeard, considered the most powerful pirate in history, had 12 ships and 500 men under his command). But for all her achievements, she was largely written out of history because of her gender and the fact she was an Asian pirate. Larry seeks to fill this gap in our understanding.