Janet Mark


Roll, Quill, Stack, Fold, Bond, Interlock
An Old Dictionary Finds New Life

Paper Art Jewellery by Janet Mark


Semi-retired architect, Janet is a dedicated crafter at heart. Coming from a family of architects and artists, these few years she devotes herself to making paper art and teaching the craft. The idea of wearable paper jewellery combined with silver and sometimes glass beads, captures her fantasy, and from there she embarked on a journey of discovery.

Roll, quill, stack, fold, bond, and interlock, old dictionaries are given new life. Janet explores these skills creatively to develop her technique par excellence PFF (Profile, Fuse & Fan), expressing the maker’s three-dimensional relationship with paper.

One can also see her paper sculptural work ‘Fly High’ using 260 copies of hardcover architecture book. An installation on the very top shelf at TheBookshop.