Hugh Moss

Born and educated in England, Hugh Moss fell in love with Chinese snuff bottles in 1961 when he joined his father’s business as a dealer in Chinese and Japanese art - Sydney L. Moss Ltd. in London. He started a magazine for collectors in 1964, and published the first edition of Chinese Snuff Bottles as editor. In 1968, Moss opened a large gallery of his own to deal in Chinese art at 12 Bruton Street, in Mayfair. Moved to Hong Kong in 1975, he met his future wife, Blossom. Between 1995-2009 they spent most of the time in Sussex, UK as  their three children were pursuing their education.

Moss started to take being an artist seriously around 2008 at about the same time as he was morphing himself into a philosopher dealing with the relationship of art and consciousness, and the nature and history of each.

Hugh Moss has writen publications on Chinese snuff bottles, other aspects of Chinese art, including late Qing and modern paintings, too numerous to list, and articles and published lectures ever more so. Click here for his extensive list of bibliography.