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We believe in the power of knowledge and imagination to build a better world in which people live a fuller life. Book is one of the path to expand one’s horizon, to inspire and motivate beyond one’s perceived limitations. It is our mission to nurture the love of reading to as many people as possible, especially to young children to whom it will significantly benefit their development throughout their lives. Children who would one day lead the world.


One of the greatest and profound joys in life is in sharing and giving. Especially to those in needs. When you give books to children, you are giving gifts that would continue to give. In this section we have thoughtfully put together a series of wonderful books, which you could donate to underprivileged children in primary and secondary school ages to spark their mind and soul. You can select any of the packages for a quick and easy option, or select each title individually. Let us cultivate healthy imaginative curiosity and compassion in as many children as we can!