Take Home a Lunar New Year Fai Chun on 19.01. 2020

Fai Chun Calligraphy, Lunar New Year Blessing at THEBOOKSHOP

Writing fai chun is a popular custom when celebrating Chinese New Year. What is written on it often associated to luck, prosperity, health and other best wishes. Young and talented calligrapher Yuen Suk Wai (aka CatrabbitSky) are invited to the bookshop to demonstrate her fai chun calligraphy with ink and brush and will give them away to readers.

Hong Kong young calligrapher Yuen Suk Wai (aka CatrabbitSky), student of a renowned Chinese Calligraphy master Mr. Fung Siu-wah (aka Wah Gor), has developed her unique classical style in cursive and semi-cursive scripts over years. Since 2013, she has been teaching Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. Yuen has recently held her first solo ink exhibition, her recent ink series "One Cat One Story" was a popular hit.books . art . create