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As our farewell gift to our supporters and customers, book lovers, art and design enthusiasts, let us gather once more to share, learn and appreciate how each book comes into being. Let's have more books with life-long positive impact be published and benefit more and more people.


Thursday, 22 September 2022



G/F., Hong Kong Museum of Art

10 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

A One Day Exhibition

of Publishing Archive

12:00 - 20:00

MCCM Creations will share their selected archive (accumulated over the last 21 years) to reveal part of the process behind books publishing. It is an art archive that will aspire others to contribute to the betterment of society through publishing books.

Why Books?

an evening of publishing stories

18:00 - 20:00   RSVP is required

Meet the passionate people who have given their time, energy, skills and love to do what they believe: bringing books to share, to connect, to spark joy and inspirations, to enrich and deepen our life, our culture and our humanity.


陳朗熹 Chan Long Hei, author/photographer, The Unspeakable, After Island, and more

劉紹增 Benny Lau, author/designer/illustrator, Where Are You Going?, Socks Heaven, Suitcase House, and more

李慧嫻 Rosanna Li, author/artist, Beyond, Mindless Mindfulness, Woman To Love - Man To Quit, and more

梁以瑚 Evelyna Liang, author/artist, Light, Bandages for You, and more

Siu King Chung  施倍德, author-design lecturer, Lesser Design, Design You Don't Know What To Do With, Deep Water (co-author)

Peter Cookson Smith 施倍德, author/urban planner, The Urban Design of Impermanence, The Urban Design of Intervention, The Urban Design of Concession, and more

曾德平 Kith Tsang, author/artist, 內嘈外吵. 寂靜決定, 工巧無記‧離我我所亂世善行 . 境隨心轉; 應物象形‧ 四大皆空

Lindsay Varty 華蓮絲, author/writer, Sunset Survivors

衞翠芷 Rosman CC Wai, author/architect, Design DNA of Mark I - Hong Kong Public Housing Prototype

黃小燕 Phoebe Wong, writer/editor, Design You Don't Know What To Do With, and more

陳麗珊 Mary Chan, publisher, MCCM Creations

鍾卓玲 Ling Chung, publisher, Brownie Publishing

Peter Spurrier, publisher, Blacksmith Books

Limited space available. RSVP now.

Talks in Cantonese and English.


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