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Afternoon with Creatives

16.09.2021  |  WILLDE NG 吳文芳

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"In my earliest days as an advertising guy, afternoon is not a time zone for being creative, especially after a big lunch in the stomach waiting to be digested. Anyway, here we are going to talk about creatives. In an advertising agency, creative is a job title giving to the people who make a living by providing a functional service, like a taxi driver taking us to a place or a cook cooking us a meal, except that we sell original or imaginative ideas to clients. With this job title, we think that we are somebody special; we are not supposed to come up with ideas that have been done, said, or shot before. That also means we are paid to think cleverly and creatively, in today’s term “out of the box”. In another word, we are a tool to help our clients build their brands, position their products or services under an effective spotlight that lure the consumers to buy them, use them, own them and repeat the purchases. In my mind, we work more like a mentalist trying to figure out how to tell a story entertainingly.

This is what we do, create a stimulus and wait for responses from the target audience."

"這絕對是兩個無寧兩可的詞語,我們既不是理性的技術人員,有困難,有故障,我們就出现去找出原因,配合零件,加上工具,就算是大功告成。一個靠創意為生的人,既要客觀地分析客戶的品牌、產品或服務,知道在那幾個範疇內我們要使出渾身解數,但又要百分百用盡全力主觀地提出方案,說服客戶。此時此刻,沒有人可以100% 知道我們的主觀是否就是這個campaign 唯一的方案。

所以做 creative 的人士,總是在十分之一的安全感 中生活,只可以於希望自己的創意有好的回響。"


Born in Fujian, Willde Ng 吳文芳, a multiple award-winning creative director in advertising, is a man bursting with renewed energy. Three years after he graduated from Canada, in 1981 Willde was invited by JWT Hong Kong to join as creative director. He was the first Chinese at that time to assume an executive creative director role in an international 4A advertising company. During his tenure, he has transformed JWT to become the “Creative Agency of the Year” for four consecutive years and won the Hong Kong 4A Golden Sail Award twice.

In about every ten years, Willde is destined to make life transformation, taking himself to a new course of direction. He left JWT in 1992 and founded “Another Film Studio”, becoming a reputed advertising film director - whose studio also won the Hong Kong 4A Golden Sail Award twice. In 2006, Willde founded thinkingwithoutthinking limited, a people-oriented corporate communications consulting companys. In 2011 Willde was honoured as one of the “Nine Legends Who Shaped Asia’s Creative Industry in 25 Years” by Campaign Magazine (Asia Pacific Edition) in recognition of his outstanding creative talents.

Surviving from a sudden health attack, Willde embarked on a new attempt in 2012. He created a unique ‘40hours’ concept to raise awareness of travel culture. He believes the world belongs to everyone living on the earth, and we should all protect our irreplaceable and the only planet. His first travel literature 所以我旅遊 (mccm creations, 2016) was published in traditional Chinese and its simplified Chinese edition with a different title 不假思索 貪看天下 hit the press in the following year.

吳文芳出生於福建,屢獲殊榮的廣告創意總監,是一個充滿活力的人。加拿大畢業後,1981 年 吳文芳被 JWT Hong Kong 邀請加入,擔任創意總監。他是當時第一位在國際4A廣告公司擔任執行創意總監職務的中國人。在任期間,他連續四年將智威湯遜轉化為「年度創意機構」,兩次獲得香港4A金帆獎。
每隔十年,吳文芳就注定要改變人生,將自己帶入一個新的方向。 1992年離開智威湯遜,吳文芳創辦「又一電影製片廠」,成為著名的廣告電影導演——其製片廠還兩次獲得香港4A金帆獎。 2006年,創立了thinkwithoutthinking Limited,一家以人為本的企業傳播諮詢公司。 2011 年,吳文芳被《Campaign Magazine》(亞太版)評為「25 年來塑造亞洲創意產業的九位傳奇人物」之一,以表彰他傑出的創意才能。
2012 年,吳文芳從一場突如其來的健康問題中倖存下來,開始了新的嘗試。他創造了一個獨特的「40 小時」概念,以提高人們對旅行文化的認識。他相信世界屬於生活在地球上的每個人,我們都應該保護我們不可替代的星球。首部旅遊文學作品《所以我旅遊》(mccm creations, 2016)以繁體中文出版,次年出版簡體版《不假思索貪看天下》。

Thursday, 16 September 2021
15:00 - 16:30 at TheBookshop

G/F., Hong Kong Museum of Art
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Limited space available. RSVP is required.

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