Books. Art. Create.

Open up your world...

This is what TheBookshop is here for – bringing hope and beauty to you who still believe what books and art can offer.


We scour hidden nooks of the world to find beautiful inspiring books and things for you to immerse in, open up your senses, come out smiling, shine with blinks of ideas, and most importantly, to have a better appreciation of a fuller life.


At TheBookshop, we carry a unique curation of English and Chinese books on fine art, visual culture, urban & design living, as well as picture books of fine illustration for children and adults alike. Art as part of our daily life enriches us, we are delighted to bring to museum visitors original and affordable artworks, pottery, paper arts, photo prints and silkscreen prints by local and overseas artists.


We always ask to be mindful. Think of the wonders human beings are gifted with unique creativity and capacity for love and appreciation, let's celebrate what book and art/design makers do to enhance our life.


Nestled on the ground floor of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, we can be accessed from within the museum and also from outside. Designed by the architect Juan Du, our space is bright with natural light. Light and fresh with its mostly white interior, we bring the nature in with the presence of Greenie, our fiddle leaf tree - accompanied by smaller green friends around.

Our bookshop is in an L-shape space, its design is likened to a book unfolding, greeted by beautiful near-roundedness. We love roundness. In Chinese culture, roundness symbolizes completeness and togetherness. We hope this bookshop will bring you a different museum shopping experience.